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About Me

Your home. A sanctuary from the outside world, where fond memories are made.


For many of us, our house is our biggest investment of our lifetime. A purchase made under poor advice can lead to years of regret. Thus, it is important that your property journey is financially sound. This is why as my client,  you will receive a comprehensive 4 step PLPC Financial Assessment to evaluate your financial readiness before recommending any purchase. 

Not just about dollars and cents, your property should fit your family’s lifestyle and needs as well. When I first meet my clients, I seek to understand their desires, hopes and aspirations. The move could be for their preferred primary school; their wish to upgrade their standard of living; investment for their retirement; or a combination of all these factors. At the end of the day, my job is to ensure that we have an action plan that ticks all your boxes.

Throughout this journey, you can be assured that my recommendations will be backed by transaction data, facts and figures. My background as a former financial analyst gives me the unrivalled edge of being able to help you make sense of the numbers and what they meant for your property.


Conducting my work with integrity is a business value I hold strongly. It is my commitment to put my clients’ interest as first priority that earned me many new client-turned friends. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction that to see my clients happily settled into their new homes, knowing that their future is secured. It is my privilege to be part of your real estate journey.

I am Cleo See, your real estate solution provider.


Customized Property Solutions

4 Step PLPC Financial Assessment

Tailored Action Plan

Full Suite of Online & Offline Marketing Tools 

In-depth Market Data & Trend Analytics

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