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First Time Investor

78% return on fund invested!

2023-07-17 11_54_46.png

My client found me on the internet and seek my advice on her situation. She was a co-owner of a HDB flat and was looking to make her first property investment. We met to discuss her options beyond paying ABSD, and this is a crucial step before looking at which property to invest into. I strongly believe in the importance of doing a 360 assessment of my clients’ situation, both financial and non-financial aspects to ascertain their readiness before moving onto the next step. To me, it is important to ensure my clients can proceed with confidence and not suffer sleepless nights over their investments. Once she is confident to proceed, I prepared multi-angle simulations on the shortlisted properties, walking her through the pros and cons of each property, making my recommendations. Currently her investment property is grew $400,000 in value translating to a 78% return on fund invested. All done without having to pay ABSD nor move out of the HDB she was staying in!

Decoupling for Asset Growth

$432,000 Capital Gain!

2023-07-23 03_39_11.jpeg

When I first met this young couple, they have sold their HDB at a loss and had been renting for one year in search for their next home. At this point, they did not want to make the same mistake of doing this without an experienced professional to guide them along the way. Apart from ensuring that the property makes financial sense, the need for space and being in a specific area for their children’s primary school are their priorities. After much searching, I found the couple a unit that was well priced and managed to negotiate down the price further. Fast forward to 2023, the unit has risen in value by $432,000 generating a gain on funds invested by 113%! Leveraging on the growth in their property value, they decoupled and funded their 2nd property purchase through refinancing without touching much of their savings. Their ultimate goal is to own a landed property and as their trusted realtor, I will be there to guide them along the way.

Sell One To Buy Two

$681,000 Capital Gain!

2023-07-23 03_52_48.png

I met the couple when they were looking to cash out on their first pot of gold made via their executive condominium. Initially, they only have their sight set on getting just one property. However after an in-depth assessment of their profiles, I propose to them the alternative of holding one property under each name to turbo-charge their asset growth. Apprehensive at first, they felt assured after I worked out their financials with 3 to 5 year projections under various scenarios, showing them that it is possible to do so without a significant impact on their lifestyles. Currently they are holding a property portfolio with a capital gain of $681,00 translating to a 78% gain on capital invested within just 3 years! 

Upgrading Journey

From BTO to dream home

2023-07-23 04_17_37.jpeg

In 2019, a couple approach me to assist with the selling of their BTO. After selling their HDB at a record price within a week, the couple wants to be sure that their next property will enable them to continue to grow their wealth through property progression. Through their BTO, they appreciate the potential growth that new properties can bring. That said, not all new launches will be profitable and not all units within the same condominium will make the same amount of gain. It is not about seeing multiple launches, more importantly is to zoom into the right development. Putting their trust in my analysis, they bought a new launch in the same year and am now sitting on a nice profit of $420,000, making a 100% gain on funds invested in 4 years just on a single property. All these are done without compromising on their family needs!

Above are just some of the many clients I have the privilege to share their property journey with. My measure of success is not on how many awards I receive but on how happy my clients are in their new homes!

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