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Upgrading From A Condo To Landed Property,


A Possibility Or A Dream?


Do you know between 2007 to 2021, landed private property prices of all tenure have grown by a whopping 109% whereas non-landed private property prices grew by a more modest 54%?


The difference is even more apparent when we compare the freehold properties of landed and non-land. The landed property segment grew by 123% while non-landed private properties rised by 49% in value.

What makes landed properties so special? It is simply a case of supply versus demand. Landed properties has always been held as the ultimate end goal in property investment. The feather on your hat. Regardless the economic situation, there will always be a pool of ready landed buyers hunting for their dream homes. This makes some well heeled investors akin landed freehold properties to gold, their safe haven in times of economic turmoil. Its scarcity in Singapore ensures that landed properties will always retain its value while public and private non-landed residential housing soar in quantity.

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Semi D.JPG


Semi-detached housing are usually conjoined buildings with a common wall between them. These have a minimum plot size of 200 square metres and a maximum site coverage of 45%. They also have a minimum plot width of between 8  – 10 metres.



Terraced housing is usually a row of houses – of at least 3 units – with 2 corners. Corner terraces are often of a higher value because of the slightly larger frontage of 8 metres. These houses are characterised by shared common walls between houses.

Cluster housing.JPG

Cluster Landed

Cluster housing is a hybrid between landed and condominium. A cluster house is designed to combine the privacy and spaciousness of landed properties, and the convenience of condo-like facilities. Cluster developments can be terraces, semi-detached housing, bungalows, a mix of these and share facilities within their developments



Standalone from other houses, this is one of the largest types of housing in Singapore. A bungalow outside a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) area has a minimum plot size of 400 sqm and a maximum site coverage of 50%, whereas a bungalow in a GCB area has a minimum plot size of 1,400 sq m and a maximum site coverage of 40%.

"Prices of non-landed properties rose 3 per cent in the final quarter of the year, said URA, taking the total increase for 2020 to 2.5 per cent."
whereas "For the whole year, prices of landed properties were up 1.2 per cent."
Landed 2009 to 2020.JPG

This is a chart tracking Singapore Landed Residential Property Price Index from 2009 to 2020.


Notice how steep the price index grew in 2010 right after Singapore exited the recession of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 - 2009.

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Case Study 1

When I first met Mr & Mrs Ong, they owned a 3 bedroom condo bought over 10 years ago. Though they were sitting on a handsome cash proceed of $700K, property prices for their condo had been stagnant for a while.

After PLCP Assessment, they discovered that they were able to upgrade to a landed property without compromising on their lifestyle and also purchase another unit for rental yield. This prompted them to take action and reenter the property market.

Within one month of marketing, I sold their current property at $1.5M and assisted them to purchase their first landed house at $2.3M under one person's name. They also invested in a 2nd property of $700K (without ABSD!) which generates them a positive cash flow that they funnel into their landed property mortgage payment. Below are the calculations

Monthly mortgage - Land                   $6,500

Minus cash from investment unit        $2,000

Minus monthly CPF contribution         $1,260

Monthly Cash required                        $3,240

With this roadmap, they are assured that they can comfortably retire when they turn 60.

Do you know what is the MOST important consideration for your financial assessment?


It is not TDSR

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